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A new take on a retro style space shooter...

Bringing back a lost age of classic shoot-em-ups, Syzygy allows players to interact with a little celestial friend in order to defeat enemies. Destroy enemies and blast them with stronger bullets with the help of the little friend! Timing your bullet to collide with the little friend boosts the damage you deal. Plus, you can use your little friend to shield attacks from enemies too! 

This is an era classic with a twist. By combining the celestial collision component, the little celestial friend serves as a permanent power-up when used strategically. Maneuver around enemy attacks, beat your own high score, and SHOOT EM UP! 

If you want to sit down and get really good at a classic styled game then this game is for you! The game is keyboard and controller (Xbox or PS4) combatible. 

Install instructions

Once the zip folder has been downloaded, save the files to your preferred place on the computer (or to the Desktop). Open the folder and select "Shmup.exe" to start playing!


Syzygy - beta 32 MB
Syzygy Trailer 66 MB

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